Educational apps for 2-4 y.o. kids

Created by a preschool psychologist with 27+ years of experience

Brainy Kids

Without hidden purchases and ads
Introduce kids to the world around us
Train logics, concentration and memory

Over 200 000 kids ARE learning with us

I've been investigating various kids development methods and comparing different learning approaches for over 27 years.
Enjoy educational apps BRAINY KIDS on your phone or tablet!
Preschool psychologist
As a result, I created my own method of introducing kids to the world around us and developing their logical thinking.
My educational notebooks with exciting lessons for 2-7 y. o. kids are well-known to thousands of parents.
Julia Fisher

THEY WORK on iOS and Android

Brainy Kids

The objects and animals in these games make funny sounds and interact with each other.
They include puzzles, logic, concentration and memory games.
These games are useful to develop fine motor skills.
You can choose one of the two calm background melody styles — classical or ethnical one.
The games have clear, understandable and friendly sound accompaniment.

Sound settings

Game objects and characters are created with love by our wonderful artists from St. Petersburg.
Logiс, concentration and memory tasks go from simple to complex. First 6 levels are free for evaluation.

Free first 6 levels

Fixed price

And of course you can gently restrict playing time for your kid — the mouse will say "bye" and wave the paw.
You'll get full access to all the existing and future levels by paying only once. We release a new level every week!
No hidden purchases and no ads in the app!

How to get the app

Brainy Kids: Logic and reasoning
Brainy Kids: educational games
For 3-4 year olds
for 2-3 year olds
No ads inside. 6 levels for FREE!
No ads inside. 6 levels for FREE!

Learn together

You can also ask to complete an additional task or to answer the questions. For example, "Can you guess the animal?" or "What color is this?".
We recommend playing together with your baby on a regular basis. Revise the material by discussing the colors, the sizes, the number of the objects and the animals or the sounds they make.

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Can I play without the Internet?
You can play even when your internet connection is down. Just install the app and play where and when you want.
What devices do BrainyKids work on?
The apps are compatible with phones and tablets with
version 4.1 and above
with iOS 12.0 or above
with iPadOS 12.0 or above
iPod touch
with iOS 12.0 or above
with macOS 11.0 or above and Mac on Apple M1.
After payment, will there be access on multiple devices?
Yes, there is family access.
Android: see.
Apple: see.
I can't pay. What should I do?
You can pay in the Google payment system (see the instructions here) and in your Apple ID account (see the payment methods here). Or you can set up Apple Pay (support).
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